Unfinished Business

I have started many projects and come up with lots of ideas that never really got past the planning stages. SOULJERKY was one of them. We did do a t-shirt project called "GENTLY DOWN", where we took 108 shirts we designed and printed on trip up the ganges river and up to the himalayas to be "bathed, beaten and blessed". But my creative partner Spiros and i stopped talking to each other half way up to the glacier where the Ganges begins called Gomuhk. Then half the shirts got got left on the monsoon soaked runway of Mumbai airport after the plane skidded off the runway.

The shirts survived, and so did our friendship. but that was the last project for the souljerky team.

this was a promo video i made in my early days of video editing

This was why we never got anything done. we would argue all day!


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