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Chakras & Aura

Never underestimate the importance of well balanced chakras ⧬

my chakras

a few years ago i had a conversation with my teacher eddie that went something like this. very typical of most of our talks...
HIM: Hey, wassup?
ME: Nothin, wassup with you?
HIM: Nothin
ME: Cool
HIM: Cool
ME: Yo man, all this yoga and puja you do. you must have some mystical powers by now, i mean you must at least be able to read auras and shit.
HIM: Oh, reading auras...that's kid stuff
ME: Word! What color is my auru
HIM: (looks me up and down and says) "Beige"

But i had a vision the other day of my true aura, so i put it down on paper as best as i could.

my aura


Resistance Is Useless

an exhibition i did at B Gallery in 2009

They Call Me Gin

I ♡ A Y


asana आसन

Photos by Kyoko Okawa


around yoyogi 「TSUKIKAGEYA」

Without a doubt, the coolest shop in Yoyogi Hachiman. Tsukikageya owner natsuki hand draws and designs all the patterns for her one of a kind yukatas, obis and tenuguis. The one i wear in my official profile photo was a gift from a student a few years ago when i got my first Japanese visa.She changes themes every year, last year it was MONEY. This year it is YAKUZA. Summer is coming, time to prepare for hanabi! (not hanabi)
thursday nights she sets up a bar in the shop after they close.


NAMARUPA: Issue 13 Volume 5

by Daniel Dale
Photographs by Eddie Stern

It was in the spring of 2009. I had just finished teaching a yoga class at a health club in Manhattan, when a man who had been waiting by the door entered and began to do his own practice. I immediately took note of his uncommon form. He was moving and breathing just as I had seen demonstrated by Srivatsa Ramaswami and A.G. Mohan, two notable students of Krishnamacharya’s. I begged the man’s pardon for interrupting, but asked if he wouldn’t mind my asking where he had learned to practice in such a way.
“I learned in Madras, back in the 70s,” he said. “May I ask, from whom?” I inquired, to which he replied, “You probably haven’t heard of him.” I believe I then said, “Try me.” I was soon glad I had persisted; much to my delight, he said he had studied with “a man named Krishnamacharya.” ... continued online...

Satsang with Ramana Baba (Muz Murray) in Tiruvannamalai, South India.

What is the connection between Kundalini and Realisation?

Kundalini is the intelligence of the universe manifesting as Prana in the physical organism. Which, upon reaching the brain center, releases the Cosmic Intelligence, enabling one to be enlightened, or—to be unburdened of all the residual hang-ups which exist in the subconscious. It cleans out everything. And by such a process one can eliminate all the stuff that one would normally have to go through therapy to eliminate. But as it doesn’t happen to everybody, there has to be step-by-step therapy ‘en route’ as it were.

So when you are having Kundalini effect when things are just happening, that is stuff clearing out?

Yes, that is—if it is occurring naturally... continued online...

Issue 13 Volume 5 page is here

Robert Moses & Eddie Stern
Namarupa, Categories of Indian Thought

Join us on an amazing pilgrimage to South India.




Ladies Baby Rib Tank "Tri-color Vishvarupa"(creme)

サンスクリット語で「vishva ヴァイシュヴァ」は「普遍の、万物の」、「rupa ルパ」は「姿、形」を意味します。


They Met


Good Catch

My brother Richard snags a foul ball at a New York Mets game.






The Durante Factor

Today in yoyogi park ai chan and i were approached by an art student who wanted to do a drawing of us as part of her homework assignment, we said "yes". i thought it would be a fun and harmless experience. Now i realize that while i am perceived by most people in japan as and old jewish man with a giant birds beak like jimmy durante. This explains a lot.

art student desu>>>>>>

Jimmy Durante desu>>>>>>>>>

Aum Gam Ganapataye Namaha


Dr Robert Svoboda- Ojas & Prana

around yoyogi 「HARITTS」

It would be unfair to call Yoyogi Ueharas best kept secret a "donut shop". Haritts is more of a "donut boutique", with a store front that could easily be mistaken for a traditional old style japanese house quietly nestled on a residential back street. What makes Haritts so special is....

Delicious, light and fluffy hand made donuts in a variety of flavors

Excellent coffees and teas at reasonable prices
(espressso ¥280, machiatto ¥300)

unbelievably cute and friendly staff

1-34-2 Uehara, Shibuya-ku, tel. 03 3466 0600, 8am-7pm Tues-Fri,
11am-6pm Sat-Sun, closed Mon, and the first, third, and fifth Sundays of the month, cash only.
haritts homepage


Went climbing for the first time last night. I love trying new things and it was great fun, but my shoulders and back are wrecked today. Maybe i am more cut out for karaoke on my Friday nights. now that the challenge for this month is over i can go back to sitting in cafes, making t-shirts and going to the park.....and doing some yoga.

nice group , ありがとう!
good guidance from ikuo san
the eye doctor
the book seller
the salary man
the art student
the guy from new york
the photographer
my best pose